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Do You Have a Clone?

/Great reporters know others!

Do You Have a Clone?

Do you have Clone?
If you could clone yourself, we’d order up 100 of you!

However, the nearest thing to a clone is a fellow reporter with a fast, friendly, and professional standard that you yourself admire.

If you know of someone as wonderful as you, we’d love to talk to them. Have them give us a call today!

We are always interested in getting to know professional reporters. If you know someone you would like to refer, contact Amanda Harris, in Reporter Relations. Amanda can be reached via phone at 1-800-288-3376 or via email by clicking here.

Reporter Benefits:

  • We pay you quickly;
  • We can schedule you on great jobs;
  • Over 170 ABI staff to help each reporter produce their most and best work;
  • We work with our reporters according to their job-type preferences and schedule;
  • We can refer you to proofreaders and scopists;
  • Active Reporter Services allows reporters to manage calendar;
  • We appreciate and take care of you!