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Do You Have a Clone?

/Great reporters know others!

Do You Have a Clone?

Do you have Clone?
If you could clone yourself, we’d order up 100 of you!

However, the nearest thing to a clone is a fellow reporter with a fast, friendly, and professional standard that you yourself admire.

If you know of someone as wonderful as you, we’d love to talk to them. Have them give us a call today!

We are always interested in getting to know good Court Reporters. If you know a fellow reporter that would make an excellent addition to the ABI Team, contact Amanda Harris, our Reporter Administrations Manager. Amanda can be reached via phone at 1-800-288-3376 or via email by clicking here.

Things that we do for our Reporters:

  • We pay you quickly;
  • On average, we pay a higher percentage than other agencies;
  • We find our reporters lots of good jobs;
  • Over 160 ABI staff to help each reporter produce their most, and best, work;
  • We work with our reporters according to their job-type preferences and schedule;
  • We provide easy-to-follow formatting procedures;
  • We provide resources to proofreaders and scopists;
  • Active Reporter Services allows reporters to manage calendar and pay online;
  • We appreciate and take care of our reporters!

Call us if you know a reporter who would make a great addition to the ABI Team!