The Reporter – September 2016


The Reporter – September 2016

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  Helpful Information for Legal Professionals
  • Be a Great Team Player
  • Sneaky Ways a Stressed-Out Brain Can Sabotage You
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Five Tips from Top Olympians for Performing Your Best
  • Desk Book: Dinosaur or Dynamo?

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Do you need access to your depositions that are currently scheduled, those which have already taken place, or your entire past and future deposition calendar?

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Best regards,
Sheila Atkinson-Baker

Be a Great Team Player

By Jocelyn Anderson

“Must be a good team player.” How often have you seen that in job descriptions and advertisements? And how often have you wondered what, exactly, the writer means?

After all, there are all sorts of players in every team. Among others, there are the star strikers and the motivators and the organizers; there are the backroom boys and girls who make sure that the team’s task gets delivered. Which of these is the writer looking for – or is s/he looking for something else entirely? Read full article






Sneaky Ways a Stressed-Out Brain Can Sabotage You
Read it »

Read it »





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