The Reporter – May 2016


The Reporter – May 2016

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  Helpful Information for Legal Professionals
  • When and How to Say “Enough”
  • Getting Unstuck! Questions to Point You in the
    Right Direction
  • Networking 101: It is Not What You Know but Who
    You Know
  • Correcting OCR Errors
  • New Rules for Dressing for Success

From the President

Challenges seem to be more and more prevalent in our professional lives. One aspect of this is having and following one’s own career goals so as to stay motivated and interested. A closer look at keeping this balanced and arriving where we want to go is covered in, “Getting Unstuck!”

For over 25 years, Atkinson-Baker has had the pleasure of providing you with trusted and reliable court reporting services, and I hope you find this collection of articles on successful career tips a welcome addition to our services.

Let us know how our deposition services can help you directly or benefit one of your colleagues.

Best regards,
Sheila Atkinson-Baker


When and How to Say “Enough”

By Des Whitehorn

It is not unusual these days for people to use “bad” language, personal insults, and belittling phrases when they are frustrated, under pressure themselves, or don’t feel things are being done quickly enough. This especially happens on the telephone where a caller’s verbal attack can be highly offensive and may overstep acceptable and manageable boundaries of anger. So here are the top ten tips for handling verbal aggression on the telephone:

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Getting Unstuck! Questions to Point You in the Right Direction
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Networking 101: It is Not What You Know but Who You Know
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