Friendly Reminders for Reporters


Friendly Reminders for Reporters

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As a reminder, do not leave your equipment and/or work product in your car unattended for any period of time.  If you have to stop somewhere on your way home, make sure that you keep the backup of your jobs on your person.  It is also advisable that you keep one back up in your bag and one on your person when leaving the job site.

If you work off of only one computer, make sure that you are backing up all of your jobs to a separate external hard drive or secure cloud every day.  You need to always make sure that if your computer bag, machine, etc., are stolen that your work product would be secure and that no transcripts would be lost.

Know that with the HIPAA rules, House Bill 300, you are responsible for the security of sensitive information included in deposition transcripts and exhibits.  In the event of a theft or loss of transcripts and/or exhibits, a HIPAA report will have to be submitted.  It is not inconceivable that if a court reporter is found to be careless in protecting this information that a fine could be assessed.

Write to at least two (2) sources during all proceedings.

Maintain at least two (2) backup archives of all reporter notes secured in a location separate and apart from the original, away from extreme temperatures and magnetic fields in accordance with the applicable state and federal rules of court governing the retention of reporter notes (paper or electronic).

Be aware that errors and omissions insurance is available for court reporters and is recommended.

These reminders were originally published in the Texas Court Reporters Assocication publication, The Texas Record.

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