Gain an Instant Advantage with Realtime


Gain an Instant Advantage with Realtime

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Sheila Atkinson-Baker,

The latest technology in court reporting can give you an instant advantage in the deposition setting or even in court and arbitration. This technology is not something you can expect to see in the future–it is available now. It is Realtime court reporting, and it is being used in depositions and courtrooms by winning law firms across the country.

What is Realtime?

Realtime in the court reporting context is the instant translation of shorthand into English.

When you attended your last deposition, you probably saw the court reporter using a notebook computer. Sitting in front of her was her shorthand machine, which she used to capture the spoken word in shorthand. Attached via cable was her notebook computer. That computer was running a specialized program, designed to translate steno into English, available for immediate reference.

Now that immediately-translated steno is available to you too. All you need is a notebook computer, and the reporter can cable you into the loop. Voila! The testimony, spoken only seconds previously, now appears before your eyes on your computer screen.

This translation is a computer translation–a draft transcript. It has not yet been edited or proofread by the court reporter. But your Realtime reporter, due to her extra training and experience, is able to provide you with a very readable and useful translation right on the spot!

How does this help you?

  • You now have the testimony or your questions immediately available for reference (without having to ask the court reporter to read it back). This is useful for impeachment purposes as well as for clarification of previously covered ground.
  • You walk away from the proceeding with a draft of the transcript. Although not suitable for citing of testimony, this draft transcript is very useful for preparation in situations of multiple-day depositions when you don’t yet have the transcript. This draft is also very useful for preparation of summaries or client reports. Note taking is reduced to a bare minimum.
  • You get a better record because you can look and see that the question you asked or the testimony that was given shows up in print in the same context and specificity as you intended. No more receiving the transcript several weeks later, only to find that the nuances you expected don’t show up in the transcript.
  • Testimony can be issue-coded or categorized as it is happening. This is done easily and does away with the necessity of spending weeks before trial digesting thousands of pages of deposition transcripts.
  • A sophisticated search engine built into your computer program allows you to access needed testimony within seconds of your requesting it. This feature alone saves hundreds of hours of attorney and paralegal time searching for references to a particular issue.
  • Previous days’ testimony is available to you at the push of a button. All you need do is open up the computer file containing another day’s testimony.
  • Copy testimony from the transcript file to your motion papers quickly with one swoop of the mouse. No more retyping the testimony.

Realtime court reporting is the future in recording of depositions and legal proceedings. Realtime is the path of the future in the discovery and trial presentation arena. You can be in on this transition, you can be a part of this first wave. You can be one of those who has the foresight and intelligence to jump in at the beginning, to take advantage of this technology before your opposition. You can be one of those who has the head start.

Or you can be one of those who, after everyone is doing it, and you see that you must make the transition, are then grappling with learning the new technology, just to keep up. The choice is yours!

Atkinson-Baker Court Reporters can get you set up with Realtime.

Whichever choice you make, Atkinson-Baker is only a phone call away, ready and able to get you up and running on Realtime court reporting. We have successfully guided many attorneys through the stops and barriers of this new technology age. We will get you through them too. Now or later.

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