Interactive Realtime 301


Interactive Realtime 301

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By Sandy Bunch VanderPol


Use your tools of realtime reporting to take you beyond realtime, leaving a mark of excellence with your client.  It’s not a difficult task to accomplish; it’s a matter of having the confidence to provide the value-add services that realtime reporting allows the court reporter.

The Realtime Systems Administrator (RSA) Workshop/Exam will empower you with the confidence to guarantee realtime connectivity to your client, provide value-add Internet Realtime Streaming to your client, as well as creating a Local Area Network that allows your client to gain access to the Internet anywhere anytime.

Guaranteeing Realtime Connection to your Client

Be prepared to provide all realtime connection options to the end user, whether it be cables, StenoCast BlueTooth or wireless.  I have discussed in “Interactive Realtime 201” the different connections scenarios available to the realtime reporter.  Go beyond by guaranteeing the connection, which provides you the peace of mind of absolutely knowing that you can provide the realtime feed.  As RSA instructor Mike Miller espouses, come prepared to every deposition with a “throw-down” computer, aka a netbook.  Not only is the netbook easy to carry due to its size, you’ve already ensured connection by loading and testing the software prior to the deposition.  You will also find that counsel will be more likely to say “yes” to realtime if you provide the netbook.  The purchase of the $300 netbook can oftentimes pay for itself in one realtime session.  (I’ve found that 50% percent of my clients now prefer to use my netbook to receive their realtime feed.  How easy can interactive realtime be when 50% of my clients make it that easy for me?  So, so easy.)  Use the netbook to market your interactive realtime, using them for your “demo day.”  There’s little stress in setting up your already tested netbook for your realtime demo day.  Give it a try – you’ll be pleasantly surprised when your clients see the value in realtime reporting via a netbook!

Internet Realtime Streaming

Our vendors have made our job easy in providing Internet Realtime Streaming.  Once you are set up and comfortable providing Interactive Realtime, there is a minute amount of additional work in streaming realtime to the Internet.  Whether you choose LiveNote Stream, Courtroom Connect’s Remote Counsel or Speche, Advantage Software’s Teleview, ProCAT’s WebCast or StreamText, providing this service is surprisingly simple.  Each of the vendors has ensured success to you, as the reporter, by providing a reliable product with simple and easy-to-use instructions.

During the Realtime Systems Administrators workshop, you will learn about Internet Realtime Streaming and the vendors that provide this service to the Interactive Realtime Reporter.  Included within the RSA workshop manual are detailed instructions on how to successfully use each of these streaming products.

Local Area Network

Creating an environment of interactive realtime flexibility is what your own local area network (access point) provides.  Using your cellular access “AirCard” inserted into a compatible router, such as a Cradlepoint MBR 1000 or 500, provides you the value-add service of allowing counsel to connect to the Internet using your access point.  In addition, you are able to use your access point to provide wireless realtime and Realtime Internet Streaming.  If you choose to attend the RSA workshop, you will learn in detail the many advantages of providing this value-add service and the ease in which it can be set up.

In closing, technology is a tool that has allowed our profession to extend to the litigants and the courts many value-add services.  I would encourage each of you to strive to excel to the level of “Beyond Realtime,” and learn about these services and add them to your repertoire of value-add services.

The next Realtime Systems Administrator Workshop will be offered in Chicago at NCRA’s annual convention, followed at the midyear convention in Las Vegas.   To obtain additional details about this program, please go to

About the Author

Sandy is a freelance reporter in California and specializes in the realtime reporting of complex litigation.  She is a Certified Realtime Reporter, a Registered Professional Reporter, a recent Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters, a past president of CCRA, and the current co-chair of the NCRA Technology Evaluation Committee.  She can be reached at