How Productive Will You Be in 2012?


How Productive Will You Be in 2012?

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By Katy Goshtasbi, Esq., Puris Image

Right around this time of year, some of us get serious about how we want to “be” in the new year.  Many of us may set New Year’s resolutions, but only some of us are genuine about it.

Oftentimes, people set resolutions involving productivity and production.  I have no problems with resolutions if you are genuine and really mean it.   No one else is impacted more than yourself if you don’t keep your resolution. You are actually robbing yourself, and being disingenuous with yourself,  if you make a resolution and don’t keep it.

So my wish (and subtle hint) for all of you is to resolve to be productive, by being efficient and effective in everything you do.  Don’t do it for me or for someone else. Do it because being productive based on efficiency and effectiveness is a fabulous personal brand maker.

I resolved in late third quarter 2011 to work more efficiently and effectively while working LESS.  Guess what folks? It really does work!  Most of us are under the misconception that we have to work really hard and long hours to be productive and profitable and effective.  Not true in my book.

In my experience, clients with a great personal brand — those with a  great business AND personal life — are organized so they can work less but more efficiently and effectively. The end result is that they are super-productive people. These same people are more positive. They don’t resent having to “work” all the time and yet have nothing to show for it.  They take their extra time left over after working efficiently and productively to go spend quality time in their personal lives, which makes them all around peaceful, joyful, and excited to — you guessed it — get back to work because work is a positive experience where results are had!

Wouldn’t you want to be around (and give your business to)  a highly productive, effective, efficient person who is joyful?!  Of course, you would. Hence, these folks have a great personal brand and huge business successes.

So if you want a strong personal brand based on being productive, please take a moment to decide:

What does being productive look like for you?

How would you have to change your way of being right now so that you may be more productive?

What poor work and personal habits would you have to give up in order to be more productive?

Can you do this alone or should you ask for help?

Are your answers above realistic? If you are not sure, share your answers with a friend who knows you very well.

Let us know if we can support you in your productive way of being in 2012!  We at Puris Image  are here as a stand for your personal brand success.

About the Author

Katy Goshtasbi is a securities attorney, national speaker, and founder of Puris  Image, where she works with attorneys and professionals on building a memorable personal brand that reflects the business brand effectively.”

Please contact our Director of Client Services
at or 1-800-288-3376.

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