Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Disclosure of Customer Data

Atkinson-Baker, Inc. does not provide, sell, or make available its customer list or any part or subset of its customer data to any third parties. Data that we have about our clients is for our own use only.

Linked Sites

There are links on Atkinson-Baker web sites to other sites. The privacy policies of other sites is governed by their owners and may not be the same as Atkinson-Baker’s.

Anonymous Access

Anyone can access this web site on an anonymous basis.

Active Services

The use of certain web-based services from Atkinson-Baker requires that the user pre-register for the service and then log in to the service using a prearranged user name and password combination. The information which is made available online by these services is for the use of the registering firm only.

Use of Internet Cookies

“Cookie” technology may be used by Atkinson-Baker web sites to record non-personal information from its on-line visitors for the purpose of improving the on-line experience. If you do not wish to have a “cookie” set when visiting Atkinson-Baker web sites, you may alter the settings in your browser to prevent them. You will then be alerted each time a “cookie” is being sought and you can choose whether or not you wish to allow one to be sent. This alert will show you how the cookie is being used and how long the information will be retained.