Organizational Tips for Your Home Office


Organizational Tips for Your Home Office

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By Kath Jason


Having an organized work space can make working at home much more enjoyable and less of a drudgery. A disorganized workspace adds extra stress to the day. Here are a few simple organizational tips to get your office in proper working order and help you work more efficiently and with greater enthusiasm.

Tips for Organizing your Home Office:

  • Remove clutter — if you do not need it regularly, remove it from the office. Regularly review incoming mail and other papers, and throw out anything you don’t absolutely need.
  • Put most needed items within arm’s length of the desk. This saves time jumping up to grab the item or digging through a pile to find it. Everything on your desk should be organized with the most used items the closest and working outward in order of the frequency with which the items are used.
  • Have a place for everything (and everything in its place!). Make use of inexpensive baskets or plastic containers, even from a resale shop, garage sale, or discount store. Everything should have a definite place. Arrange files that are frequently accessed in a standing rack on your desk (these are very cheap to purchase). The goal is to be able to see everything and access it quickly when you need to. The other thing you accomplish with this is being able to quickly determine where something belongs when putting things away. Every minute you save not having to think about what to do with something is a minute you can spend on more productive activities.
  • Items that are used infrequently can be stored in a cabinet or on a high shelf . There is no need to store reams of paper or extra office supplies on your desk. Move these into a cabinet or a shelf that is less accessible, and save the premium office “real estate” for the items you need on a daily basis.
  • Do not store household items in the office (or office space if you are not fortunate enough to have a complete room for your home office). All too often, the home office becomes a dumping zone, housing everything from junk mail to Christmas decorations. It is important to keep a professional atmosphere in the home office in order to work at your full potential, and all family members (including yourself) need to know that the office is off limits as a storage facility.

Being more organized will help you get much more accomplished each day. You will save time and aggravation while doing your daily tasks, and your home business will become much more enjoyable for you to work in. Working from home is a great privilege, but should not be taken lightly. Home business office organization is absolutely vital to the success of your home business endeavours. By taking just a few minutes per day to work on organizing your home office, you can transform your workspace and your business in a very short amount of time.

Kath Jason is an internet entrepreneur and a member of a team that has years of hands-on experience online.

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