New Year’s Resolutions – How Planning Can Make A Difference!


New Year’s Resolutions – How Planning Can Make A Difference!

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By Andrew Papas

It’s another New Year. Many people greet the new year with enthusiasm and happiness, inspiring them with new hopes, longing and excitement. On New Year’s eve many people hold parties to greet the New Year ahead in the company of family and friends and to make resolutions which they hope to keep as they look forward to a fresh start by resolving to improve to make the New Year a better one. Don’t regret not trying to achieve something your heart was set on. Look at the possibilities. The potential rewards are worth the effort to the individual who is earnestly seeking to get more out of life.

New Year’s Resolutions

Most of us have set New Year’s resolutions in the past and had the experience of not sticking with them. The problem is that many good intentions are often abandoned within a few weeks because resolutions are not taken seriously and the enthusiasm that comes with the start of the New Year begins to fade. Keep in mind, the more resolutions you make the more likely you won’t achieve them.

Goals are a part of the richness of life and are a pathway to self fulfillment. Your New Year’s resolutions should begin with a careful consideration of your dreams and goals. What do you really want? What benefit do you hope to receive from your resolution? Whether you want to change a bad habit, make a change in lifestyle or a commitment to a goal, or simply to plan for the new year ahead, your resolution must be something you believe in and are capable of realizing.

The Laws Of Success

Your success is governed by definite laws. Successful people are goal orientated, they have initiative, drive, and confidence to go all the way to reach out for their dreams, and they plan how they will get there by bringing together all the resources that will ultimately bring success. If you procrastinate, have the wrong attitude or negative thoughts, you have already set yourself up for failure. Let your mind play a big part in your success by opening your eyes to what is possible and help guide the direction and the choices you make. Picture in your mind the kind of things you want to achieve and visualize them daily to keep you inspired. Then your level of determination, attitude, and positive thoughts will set you on the climb up the ladder of success.

Follow the same steps required to make any goal work. Goals, plans, and action are the magic keys that provide the direction and a purpose to pursue a resolution. It must be specific, relevant, achievable and have a target date. Then create a plan how you will get there by identifying the exact steps toward its accomplishment. And you must have the self-discipline to carry out that plan.

If a resolution seems complicated or so overwhelming that you hesitate to begin because of confusion how to approach it, don’t attempt to make too many changes at once. Instead, do it through smaller, achievable steps. Every small gain brings you so much closer to your ultimate goal and gives you the feeling of accomplishment. Keep a diary to record your daily activities to ensure you accomplish priority tasks and to check your progress, and always stick to deadlines. Frequent reviewing allows you to assess your performance, lets you know when corrective action is required, and motivates you to try harder to reach your goal.

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