Want Your Transcripts Delivered to Your Smartphone at No Charge? No Problem.


Want Your Transcripts Delivered to Your Smartphone at No Charge? No Problem.

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Mobile Transcript is an app that provides you with the ability to fully utilize deposition transcripts on your iPad or smartphone. We upload your transcripts to the Mobile Transcript website, which in turn downloads the transcripts to your iPad, iPod Touch, or Blackberry devices. And it doesn’t cost you anything.

Mobile Transcript allows you to:

  • highlight and flag text;
  • bookmark;
  • jump to next highlight;
  • keyword search;
  • jump to page number;
  • e-mail transcripts from within the transcript;
  • e-mail transcript in PDF with or without your yellow highlights;
  • finger swipe feature to move from page to page;
  • use enlarged page arrow keys which are repositioned under user’s thumbs when holding the device horizontally; and
  • increase the screen viewing area to review and annotate the transcript.


How can Mobile Transcript benefit your practice?
Mobile Transcript gives you a tool to stay productive while commuting, traveling, or at any time while out of the office. You will come to depend on having quick access to all deposition transcripts in one spot on your mobile device.

Having quick access to transcripts offers you some freedom to work outside of the office a bit longer without having to spend time preparing, packing and carrying around copies of transcripts. It also eliminates the need to log on to the internet or your network or search an email inbox for transcripts. All of your transcripts will be located in your app and online account, all uniformly organized by case, deponent, and date.

Will it be difficult to navigate for those who are not very tech savvy?
This app is extremely intuitive and user friendly. You will enjoy having access to all of your case transcripts on your iPad or smartphone at all times. With a touch of a finger, you can view your case list, review deposition transcripts, highlight testimony, and export their annotations to third parties in a matter of minutes. Paralegals can then quickly create deposition summaries for you or your expert witnesses working on the case.

How does the court reporter get the transcript to me?
Transcripts are uploaded by Atkinson-Baker to the Mobile Transcript website, which are immediately converted into Mobile Transcripts that appear on your mobile device.

How do I know the transcript is ready to be viewed?
You will receive an email notification every time a transcript is uploaded to your account. The notification lists the case, deponent and date of deposition, and it lets you know that the transcript is ready to be viewed.

How secure is it to upload transcripts to the Mobile Transcript website?
Uploading transcripts to accounts on the Mobile Transcript website is far safer than emailing transcripts and even more secure than transcripts emailed with password protection.
Mobile Transcript employs bank-level SSL security protection and takes the following IT measures to ensure the security of your transcripts:

Monitoring Server Access: Servers are physically secured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Servers require bio-retinal scan authorization for access and all server activity is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. OS patching and maintenance are done only by certified professionals.

Cisco PIX 501 Firewall: Fully managed CiscoDedicated Firewall Port Blocking, packet inspection, and VPN SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Each file transmission is facilitated with 128-bit SSL encryption.

Other Security Features: Actively Managed Anti-Virus Intrusion Detection System. Password protection.


  1. SEND AN EMAIL ONE TIME ONLY to Atkinson-Baker requesting all future transcripts be sent via Mobile Transcript, which will be in addition to the ways you have been receiving transcripts — as hard copies, via email and/or on CD.
  2. SIGN UP for a FREE account on mobiletranscript.com
  3. DOWNLOAD** the FREE app

What are you waiting for? Set it up today!

**For iPhone and iPod devices, the FREE app may be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. Mobile Transcript has a separate app optimized for the iPad that may be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. The app for Blackberry smartphones may be downloaded from the Mobile Transcript website.

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