Managing Complex Litigation


Managing Complex Litigation

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Managing class actions, and other types of large, complex cases is a specialty with a handful of firms dominating the landscape. Milberg, Weiss appears in half the securities class action cases filed nationwide. Baron & Budd represents hundreds of thousands of asbestos plaintiffs. Defendants similarly turn to AmLaw 100 firms to plead their case.

What sets these firms apart is their experience and depth of resources. These firms have the armies of paralegals and support personnel to manage the intricacies of complex litigation. When solo practitioners land a client for such a case, they normally do the sensible thing and associate with or turn the case over to a
firm with the strength needed to carry it through to a successful completion.

That is also where we come in. We have the personnel and resources needed to handle all the depositions in a large case without blinking an eye. After fifteen straight years of growth, we now report over six hundred depositions every week throughout the world, so we can easily schedule the few dozen or few thousands the case requires.

In addition to our court reporters, we have over 130 support staff to take care of every detail. And we keep growing. Just this year we expanded our office space by another thirty percent to bring on more staff so we can serve you even better.

While our depth of resources helps in setting up any deposition, it really comes in handy when you have a large case to manage. With one call, fax or e-mail, you can have us schedule your entire deposition calendar, no matter where they are to take place. Or you can schedule them through our website.

It means you only have to give Case Management Orders or special handling instructions to one person, rather than to a different reporter for each deposition. We will see that it gets carried out in every deposition. Then, when the case settles or matters get rescheduled, once again it takes just one call to manage all the details.

When you have such a case, you have more than enough to worry about. We can lighten your load.