Locating Past Expert Testimony


Locating Past Expert Testimony

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pillarsIt is frequently useful to know what an expert has said in the past, both for impeachment and to make sure the opposition doesn’t dig up any surprises on your expert. Since we have over 100,000 deposition transcripts archived, we have had requests from clients to act as a transcript service to help them locate past testimony of experts. While we understand that some agencies do offer this service, we choose not to do so as it would place us in the position of assisting one or the other side in a case, and may possibly jeopardize our neutral role as impartial officers of the court.

There are, however, several other places where you can get past testimony of experts. Both the Defense Research Institute and ATLA offer such services to their clients. See the article on locating expert witnesses for more information on what these organizations offer.

Another resource for defense attorneys is IDEX. This is an information-sharing network of insurance companies, defense firms, corporations and government entities. They have information on over 50,000 expert witnesses, over 400,000 testimonial documents, as well as articles by or naming the expert, professional disciplinary information and similar case information. IDEX can be reached at 800-521-5596 or www.idex.com.

For plaintiff attorneys there is DepoConnect. DepoConnect has approximately 85,000 deposition and trial transcripts. Access is limited to current members of the 46 participating state trial lawyer associations — all the states and DC, except for Delaware, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. Defense attorneys who are members of the state trial lawyers associations are not allowed to use the service. The site also makes available briefs, pleadings, verdicts, settlements and other information. The cost is $95 per year plus $30 per document. Call 1-800-443-1757 or go to 149.d96.myftpuploadconnect.com.

The National Expert Transcript Service (NETS) is a commercial service which is available to parties on both sides. They have about 50-70,000 deposition and trial transcripts available at this time. They currently charge $95 to do a search and then a per page fee for the transcript. They are in the process of setting up their website for searching and downloading and the fee structure may change when that is available. They can be reached at 1-800-261-4161 or via Westlaw.

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