Hyphenating Letter-For-Letter Spelling


Hyphenating Letter-For-Letter Spelling

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Margie Wakeman Wells, College of Court Reporting


Most of us know that we hyphenate letter-for-letter spelling. These rules talk about the capitalization and what it looks like when the spelling is started mid-word or is interrupted and then picked up again.

HYPHEN RULE: Hyphenate letter-for-letter spelling.
I spoke with Mary Donnell, D-o-n-n-e-l-l.
It is 438 Sepulveda, S-e-p-u-l-v-e-d-a, Boulevard.
It is sumatriptan, s-u-m-a-t-r-i-p-t-a-n, that she used.

HYPHEN RULE: When spelling letter for letter, follow the way the word looks normally in terms of capitalization and spacing. In other words, the word would be correctly written if the hyphens were removed.

My name is Richard McCall, M-c-C-a-l-l.
W. J. De La Vega, D-e L-a V-e-g-a, was the leader of the project.
I submitted it to van de Mere, v-a-n d-e M-e-r-e.

HYPHEN RULE: When only a portion of the word is spelled, put the hyphen in front of the first letter. The hyphen has to go with one letter or the other. It goes with the letter that follows it.

Is that -f-f-e or -f-f-y?
It was George Marant, and that is -a-n-t.
That word ends in -o-r.

HYPHEN RULE: When the spelling is interrupted, leave the last letter with no hyphen after it, and put a hyphen in front of the first letter when it picks up again. When “sample” words are used for the letter, put that word in quotes.

It is Carrigan, C, as in “cat,” -a-r-r-i-g-a-n.
It is spelled R, as in “Roger,” a-t, as in “Tom,” -t-a. It is Ratta.
It is after the character Abelard, A-b, as in “bravo,” -e-l-a-r-d, as in “dog.”

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