Growing Over the Summer: Service Expansion


Growing Over the Summer: Service Expansion

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growingWith the arrival of Labor Day and the start of the school year, it is traditional to start off with a report on what you’ve been up to the last three months. It gives you a chance to fill your classmates in on what you’ve been doing and serves to emphasize that summer is truly over and it is time to buckle down and work hard until Memorial Day rolls around again and you are granted another three months of parole.

In keeping with tradition, here is my report on what I have been up to the last three months. While I don’t have any tales to tell about fishing up at the lake or eating cotton candy at the county fair, it has been a good summer anyway. It was a summer spent “fixing up the house” – getting things ready to deliver an even higher level of service when all of you have returned from your vacations.

We have added a lot of employees this year to keep up with demand, so we have been busy getting them all trained and situated in their new jobs so they can service you as well as the old-timers do.

In early July, we launched a completely redesigned website with additional service features. Later that month, I spent four days at the National Court Reporters Association, learning about the latest laws and technical advances affecting the court reporting profession.

In August there was the finalizing of plans for our new San Diego office, meeting with the board of directors of the California Court Reporters Association and tracking legislation as President of the California Agency Owners Association.

Along the way, we did get some recognition for our hard work. In June Cisco Systems named us as one of five companies it considered “Innovators in Customer Service” and I was also nominated for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Well, that was how the summer went. Now it is time to enjoy a few weeks lull before starting to plan the Christmas cards and gifts.

I hope you also enjoyed your summer, whether it was at work or on the road. If there is any way we can serve you better, make your job a bit easier, be sure to let me know. You can e-mail or write to me.

Sheila Atkins0n-Baker

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