Home Email Access


Home Email Access

You can access your @depo.com email account from any location using a web browser on any kind of computer, tablet or mobile device.

Here are the details on how one does this.  

Outlook Web Access — OWA

The facility is called OWA for short – Outlook Web Access.  It is a web site that provides access to your work email and which acts somewhat like Outlook.

Here are the most important pieces of information that you need to have to use OWA.

The Web Link



How to Sign In

On the top line, where it says Domain\user name, type in the domain “ABICR”, a backslash, then your username.  ABICR\your-user-name

Example:  Suppose that your name is Muriel Hernandez, and your username at ABI’s computer network is mhernandez.  The sign-in at OWA looks like this…


Upon successful sign-in, the web browser will open up to something like this…


One can do pretty much everything in OWA that one can in Outlook.  This will work from almost any web browser on any type of device.