Good News from our Clients


Good News from our Clients

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“I want you to know how professional and outstanding our reporter was and that we have requested him for any and all future depos with Atkinson-Baker.”
– LM, Los Angeles, CA

“I had the pleasure of working with one of your reporters in San Jose, California. She should be commended for her professionalism throughout the depositions. In addition to being prompt, she was attentive during the depositions and conscientiously asked witnesses to repeat their testimonies to ensure the transcripts accurately reflected their testimonies. She closely monitored the exhibits used during each deposition to prevent the exhibits from being lost or misplaced. I would not hesitate having her serve as the court reporter in future depositions or recommending her services to other attorneys.”
– AC, Honolulu, HI

“The best thing was that the reporter worked overnight to expedite turnaround.”
– HL, Snowflake, AZ

“I’ve used Atkinson-Baker before, and I have always been more than satisfied. Your reporters are very professional. My assigned attorneys have been very satisfied with your services and your reporters. I, myself, am a reporter and had done reporting for over 20 years and I loved reporting! So this is really a compliment to Atkinson-Baker reporters since I know the field very well.”
– AG, Los Angeles, CA

“The transcript’s accuracy is of the highest quality. I was pressed for time and spoke much more quickly than usual, and the questions were occasionally lengthy and complex. Nonetheless, as I say, the reporter’s accuracy was really quite remarkable.”
– BA, Glendale, CA

“Well, the court reporter went to the defense attorney’s office in Rancho Cucamonga instead of ours. So the attorney said, `Let’s postpone the deposition for another day because now it will take the court reporter a long time to get here.’ We said, `No, I bet if we call Atkinson-Baker, they can get a court reporter here quickly.’ And, lo and behold, I called AB at 10:15 a.m. and the reporter arrived at 11:15 a.m. The defense attorney was impressed! So I just wanted to say that you are AWESOME!”
– BB, Los Angeles, CA

“The reporter did a great job! She was very professional, and we really appreciated how she stayed late to get the job done so close to a holiday weekend. Please sing her praises!”
– MN, Walnut Creek, CA

“Thanks very much for your prompt service. Please extend my thanks directly to the court reporter, who worked very late and did not even get a chance to eat a proper lunch. She did a wonderful job here, and everyone is very grateful to her for that.”
– SR, New York, NY

“Vance was superb! He completely took care of everything. He not only set us up for realtime but he set us up for wireless realtime. He’s just great! Everything went perfectly.”
– FW, Beverly Hills, CA

“For your information, your reporter was terrific. She and I ended up walking out of my office at 8:30 pm. I really did not want to go that late, but due to my travel schedule, I could not avoid it. She could not have been more understanding. She was quite professional during the entire deposition.”
– JA, Chicago IL

“Angie was great yesterday as I didn’t know the attorney was going to go for a second day. He had only told the court reporter that he was going to, so when I saw that a confirmation came in for today I got a bit nervous and thought `Oh no, they didn’t get my cancellation.’ Angie calmly explained that the attorney had directly told the court reporter and he hadn’t had a chance to tell us. I thought that was very cool that the court reporter went ahead and confirmed it for him without us having to worry about it last minute and scramble for a new court reporter. Thanks again for your professionalism.”
– LM, San Jose, CA

“The reporter was great and very personable. She actually made it an enjoyable experience.”
– VA, Beverly Hills, CA

“We were amazed at Candace and think she is a phenomenal reporter — and we were so impressed with the transcript. The deposition was difficult and she did an amazing job!”
– ME, Corte Madera, CA

“The court reporter was amazing! The project was near impossible. She not only made the impossible possible, but she was a pleasure to work with. My client sat beside her and attempted to help as best she could regarding the audio. We had a great deal of trouble getting the computer program to play it to begin with and Lauri sat patiently waiting for us to fumble our way along. Then when we finally got it to play we had to tweak the audio so it could be more easily understood. Again, she patiently waited. When we finally got it to play and to play right, it had to be stopped and started and replayed in spots to make certain of what was being said. I truly believe any other person would have given up, but not Lauri. She stuck with it and, despite the one-hour audio involving what I estimate to have been a three-hour ordeal, she never once complained and not only did her job but offered the client encouragement along the way. Although I have not seen the result, I am confident it will be even better than we hoped for. As an attorney who has been in practice for forty-five years I need to add that in my opinion nobody else could have accomplished what she has.”
– RR, Tarzana, CA

“The reporter was great. I specifically requested her for this deposition as she was familiar with the facts, parties, etc., and will request her in the future if she is available. I will call you next time I need to schedule a reporter.”
– JW, Ridgeland, MS

“It was quite a unique situation but we got through it and I would like to compliment the court reporter for performing well in a difficult environment.”
– JH, Conshohocken, PA

“I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the court reporter for the depositions. The witnesses had interpreters and the day was very long with multiple parties. She was exceptional! I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again.”
– JS, San Francisco, CA

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