Go Ahead – Take Advantage of Us


Go Ahead – Take Advantage of Us

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Take Advantage of UsIf there is one thing you can say about the legal profession, it is not boring. By the time you have gotten used to one set of procedures, a court decision or a piece of legislation comes along and throws it all out the window. While the rest of this issue is on federal rule changes, there is one state change I would like to discuss.

On September 16, California Governor Davis signed into law Senate Bill 877, a bill we had supported, which made some changes to Code of Civil Procedure Section 2025 which regulates the taking of oral depositions.  One of the changes the bill makes is to require that “Services and products offered or provided by the deposition officer or the entity providing the services of the deposition officer to any party or to any party’s attorney or third party who is financing all or part of the action shall be offered to all parties or their attorneys attending the deposition.”

While the law was passed in order to put an end to the favoritism some reporters or agencies may have shown their clients, it has always been my policy and that of this agency to remain neutral and independent and to provide the same high quality of service to all parties. This is why it is so common for us to be reporting the depositions for both sides in a case.

It does bring up the point, however, that many of you are not utilizing our services to their fullest, and I wanted to allay any concerns that you couldn’t get the full array of services if you weren’t a regular or exclusive client of ours. This isn’t true. Even if you just use us as a backup agency, we will still line up the conference room, interpreter and videographer with no additional fee for the service when you do schedule with us. You also get the faxed confirmations and on-line access to your calendar. And if you are the opposing counsel on a deposition, for example, you can still get a complimentary e-transcriptTM with your copy order.

We offer a wide range of services which can you save time and money, make life easier and keep you focused on the key functions of litigating a case. We are constantly investigating and developing new ways to provide even better service. So, whether you are the noticing party or not, go ahead and take us for all we’ve got. You’ll be glad you did.

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