Can You Get Us a Reporter in Gardiner?


Can You Get Us a Reporter in Gardiner?

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court reporting anywhereOne of the questions clients frequently ask is whether or not we can get them a reporter in a particular town. The answer is always “Yes!”

Let’s say that your job is to do nothing but schedule depositions out of town. Five days a week, no holidays or vacations allowed, you schedule depositions in different cities where we have reported a depo.

To warm up, maybe you’d decide to stick with a single city name for awhile, hitting Springfield (IL, MA, MO, NJ, OH and VA), Newport (AR, CA, OR, RI and TN), Jackson (CA, MI, MS, NH, TN and WY) and Richmond (CA, IN, KY, MO, VA and British Columbia).  But now you are ready to start jumping around the list.

You might feel a bit down when you’re scheduling a depo in Moody, Missouri, but things would start looking up when you got a reporter in Hope, Indiana, and you would really be happy when you got emergency coverage in Lake Success, New York.

By now you are feeling like a real explorer with an adventurous spirit and so decide to schedule depos in both Columbus (GA, MS, NC, OH) and Columbia (CA, MD, MO and SC) on the same day.

Somewhere along the line, your attorneys needed a reporter in Gardiner. In case you’ve never been there, Gardiner and its 851 residents are tucked away in Montana’s Gallatin Wilderness about 60 miles upstream of Livingston (pop. 6851) along the original entrance of Yellowstone National Park.

Gardiner and Livingston, despite their remoteness and tiny size, are two of the 7,035 cities throughout the US and over 15 other countries where we have reported depositions.

So next time you need a depo in London, CA (pop 1848), London, Ontario (pop 352,395), London, England (pop 7,512,400 ) or anywhere else, give us a call.

Yes, we can get you a reporter there – and in no time at all!

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