Fun, Healthy, and Easy Snacks


Fun, Healthy, and Easy Snacks

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By: Jessica Cyterski


Sometimes just getting through the day can be a struggle: Maybe you lost your shoe in the morning or the morning commute is exceptionally grueling or perhaps your printer won’t connect to your computer. On days like these, a little treat can go a long way in improving your mood. Think of an ice cream cone in the LA sun or a pop tart in the mid-morning slump.  But is it really fair to allow ourselves these special snacks only in the hardest days?  Of course not, but we all know that our bodies cannot handle the constant barrage of sugary shocks without some deleterious consequence.  Not to mention, most people, myself included, spend the day running around wishing for more time as it is, and searching out treats that are healthy and enjoyable just isn’t in the cards too often.  Hopefully, I can offer a few options that are fun, fast, yummy, and, yes, healthy!

I have recently become obsessed with what I call Power Balls. I love something that I can tweak to my own tastes and needs. These little guys can fill you up and are very delicious. They take less than 10 minutes to mix together and roll into balls, and you can have them sit in the freezer for as little as an hour or overnight in the fridge.  No baking necessary!  Starting with a base of oats you can mix in ingredients such as:

Peanut butter (or any nut butter)
Raisins or cranberries
Chia seeds
Protein powder
Honey (or agave nectar)
Vanilla extract
Coconut flakes
Chocolate chips

Adding as desired and to your own taste, these bite-sized balls can keep you going all day long, and they are so very versatile.  Just grab and go, literally.

Another very easy snack to get you through the week takes me right back to childhood, DIY Gogurt. Yogurt for your travels, so easy and, again, customizable!

Added advantages to pre-planning snacks like these:  They help you stay healthy by deterring you from junk food and also save time, keeping your focus on the work ahead.   But back to the DIY Gogurt. Take your morning smoothie on the go, and if you’re feeling even more nostalgic, you can freeze your smoothie in a zipzicle and create your own popsicle.  These zipzicles are extremely efficient and can be found online or at Bed Bath and Beyond for purchase.

I usually throw a mixture of fruits and veggies together in the blender for a well-rounded smoothie.

If you need a recipe to get yourself started, you can use a classic green smoothie like this:

Greek yogurt
Coconut milk

Fill up your bags and go; it’s that easy! And it will be that much more fun later on in the week when you have a yummy gogurt to tide yourself over between meetings.

Now, if you have even less time, and you can’t even imagine yourself mixing a single thing on Sunday, or, even more dreadful, on Monday morning, then I understand the need to eat, and the need to eat out.  Fun, fast, pre-made foods can be a little trickier when it comes to your health, so I caution you to be very aware when diving into pre-made or fast foods.

Try to avoid any baked goods because those will leave you hungry much too soon.  Instead, try for something prepackaged with fruits, crackers, or cheeses.  Variety will keep you happy and it will be so simple to take along the way.

But if your inner child is just not having it and is screaming for McDonalds, I understand.  We’ve all been there. Go for a parfait, apple slices, or oatmeal.  Even fast food in extreme moderation is okay.

These yummy treats can feel like small rewards all week long, and while we are all trying to make it to Friday, we are going to be needing something to pull us through!

Happy snacking!