About E-transcript™


About E-transcript™

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E-Transcript Legal Transcription ServicesWhat is E-Transcript?

E-transcript is an electronic means of receiving your transcript either on disk, CD or by e-mail.

Unlike getting an ASCII, e-transcript has the program already built in so there is no additional software to buy and install.

E-transcript has a number of features which an ASCII is lacking. The most obvious difference is the word index.

Hyperlinked word index and transcript allows you to rapidly move within the Index to access specifics within the Transcript, or vice-versa.

  • Click on a word within the index
  • Clicking on page and line numbers in the index
  • Search a word using the Find button or CTRL-F.
  • “Previous” and “Next” buttons find other instances.

Synchronized exhibits allow these same features between transcript, exhibit and index. This feature is ordered in addition to an e-transcript, so please contact your client services representative for more information!

Customize your printing options instead of tearing apart a transcript when you need to copy some of the pages:

  • Print out your own full-sized or condensed transcripts
  • Indicate the number of transcript pages on a sheet
  • Print the notes section – or not
  • Print the questions and/or answers in bold
  • How many columns you want in the word index?
  • and more.

Customize your formatting options

Although e-transcript content itself cannot be edited, there are several other ways you can edit and annotate the transcript.

    Simply select, copy (CTRL-C) and paste (CTRL-V) a section, or the entire transcript, into a word processing document (Word Perfect, Microsoft Word) or other program.
    Use the File-Save As function and export the transcript as an ASCII in a variety of formats including Amicus and Summation for use in other programs.
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