Embracing New Computer Forensics Paradigms


Embracing New Computer Forensics Paradigms

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By Jason Bergerson

Computer forensic

Computer forensics is a fast-changing industry. New mobile devices, increased use of the cloud to store data, and social media all present new challenges to collecting data. It’s not enough to limit a data collection to files and emails anymore. Smartphones, tablets, email, instant messaging platforms, traditional file shares, and more all need to be included in a collection. And computer forensics experts must keep up-to-date on industry-accepted practices for collecting each type of data.

  • How does each technology work?
  • How do users interact with said technology?
  • Where is the data stored?
  • And how is the data stored?

Those are all questions a computer forensics expert needs to be prepared to answer when investigating a cybersecurity event or preparing for litigation.

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