Fight the Battle Against Clutter


Fight the Battle Against Clutter

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There are countless declutter gurus online that promise to help you get clutter-free, so which advice is the best for YOU? The truth of the matter is that whatever decluttering technique you choose to follow, it will only work if you really go at it — if you work hard and commit yourself to getting clutter-free.

Here are 5 decluttering techniques I have found that work well for many people. As decluttering is a war against mess, I call them by the following names.

  1. The “Blitz”
  2. The “Planned Attack”
  3. The “Divide And Conquer”
  4. The “Mass Army” Approach
  5. The “Paid Assassins” Method

1. The “Blitz.” Many people finally decide to declutter their homes when they see the proverbial “last straw.” Whatever it is that finally makes them snap, they go ALL OUT and fill multiple garbage bags and boxes full within mere hours. This is a great approach in some ways, as a LOT of the house gets decluttered in a short time, but there is the slight danger that in the passion of the moment some items get thrown out that perhaps should have been kept, and also the danger that the passion for decluttering fades too quickly.

2. The “Planned Attack.” This decluttering technique works wonders with people who love lists. With a well thought out plan in place, and with decluttering times scheduled into their planners, the house becomes decluttered again in a nice amount of time. People with strong self-discipline love this technique.

3. The “Divide and Conquer” decluttering technique is sort of a combination of the “Blitz” and the “Planned Attack.” The house gets divided into areas, such as rooms or floors. Within that area, the “declutterer” can be as free and un-planned as possible, but the focus is completely on THAT room.

4. The “Mass Army” Approach. The entire family, and whichever friends are willing and able to help, are all roped in for this decluttering technique. With pizza and/or appropriate treats as rewards or thanks ready for after a few hours of serious work, this “the more the merrier” approach can be very, very successful.

5. The “Paid Assassins” Method. Hire a professional declutterer or home organizer. Yes, it’s pricey, but perhaps an organized house with no stress to you is worth the price.

And there you have it, my friends. Five decluttering techniques or approaches you can take to help you get clutter-free! Have fun with it. Whichever method you choose, you will love the results if you get simply get busy!

Want more strategies for getting clutter-free? If you haven’t looked into the concept of a declutter challenge yet, definitely check them out. Wave good-bye to clutter in no time at

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