Cleaning Up Our Act: Change Toward Higher Standards


Cleaning Up Our Act: Change Toward Higher Standards

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Golden Gate BridgeThere is generally plenty to complain about in the way the federal government carries out its duties. The “War on Crime”, “War on Poverty”, “War on Drugs” and “War on Illiteracy” all have shown costs and results similar to another war we fought a few decades ago in Southeast Asia. In cleaning up the environment, however, the results have not only been measurable, but directly observable.

I grew up on the Great Lakes where, in the sixties, cleaning up a beach not only involved picking up all the trash, but also all the dead fish lining the shore. Ohio’s Cuyahoga River was so polluted it caught fire in 1969. Our national emblem, the bald eagle, was on the endangered species list. The often-proposed solution thirty years ago was to cut back on technology and revert to a simpler, agrarian life before we killed off the species with our own waste products. It wasn’t just the hippies who were worried. Even the international think-tank, the Club of Rome, declared in its 1972 report, The Limits to Growth, “…the application of technology to apparent problems of resource depletion or pollution or food shortage has no impact on the essential problem, which is exponential growth in a finite and complex system.”

Well, mankind is far smarter that most people were willing to give it credit for. We embraced technology rather than abandoning it. Thirty years later, the Cuyahoga is cleaned up and the bald eagle has had a tenfold population increase. While I’m no longer near the Great Lakes, I’m glad the air where I now live is not the brown acrid haze it once was.

There is more to be done, of course, and lawyers will continue to lead the way to achieving equitable solutions to the problems. We have also done our part over the last 15 years, helping to simplify complex litigation. With our nationwide service and large support staff, we are the ideal choice for handling cases that require a bit more than the usual expertise. This is why we regularly provide the court reporting to all parties in environmental, toxic tort, intellectual property, construction defect, product liability or other complex cases. When you need that something extra, give us a call and put our team to work for you.

Sheila Atkinson-Baker

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