Reporter’s Certificate on Federal Cases


Reporter’s Certificate on Federal Cases

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By Sheila Atkinson-Baker


Reporter’s Certificate on Federal Cases

Did you know the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure require that the reporter’s certificate state whether or not the witness’s review of the transcript was requested?

Rule 30 (e) (2): “Changes Indicated in the Officer’s Certificate. The officer must note in the certificate prescribed by Rule 30(f) (1) whether a review was requested . . .”

This applies to all transcripts in cases with a federal venue.  The reporter is not required to inquire whether reading and signing is requested.  However, the certificate must indicate whether a review was requested.  If a review is not mentioned by the attorneys or witness, then the certificate should indicate that a review was not requested.

Suggested wording for the certificate is available in the Atkinson-Baker Active Reporter Services section of