Get Excellent Quality Audio Backups


Get Excellent Quality Audio Backups

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By Sheila Atkinson-Baker

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Not happy with the quality of your audio backup? Do you want the best quality audio backup you can get?

Here is a link to Martel’s top-of-the-line mic. It is a USB microphone, so it creates the audio in a digital format. It bypasses the internal components of the laptop that would normally record when you have an analog mic plugged in. There is no need for a sound card with this Martel mic. Read the rave reviews from reporters on this product.

If you already have a standard analog mic, you can get an external sound card for a laptop to plug the mic into. This will improve the sound quality, and it eliminates a lot of the electronic interference and noise that you would normally get by having it directly plugged into the laptop.

Here’s an example of a good external sound card that can be used with a regular microphone:

In real life, one hole is green colored for headphones, and one hole is pink-colored for microphone input. Again, read the reviews – and the price is right!