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“The agency we had used for ten years cancelled on us last minute.  My attorney and the Spanish interpreter were sitting at the location with no court reporter. I called your office, and in less than an hour you had a court reporter there.  I will now use your services for all of our local and out-of-town work.”
– K.L., Geneva, IL

“What I like best is your genuine concern of clients. Keep up the great work! Great doing business with you!”
– B.Q., Honolulu, HI

“Atkinson-Baker saved our lives! We had a deposition scheduled with no court reporter. As I scrambled through the front desk looking for a ‘last minute’ court reporter, I came across your number and called. Much to my surprise a court reporter from your firm arrived at our office fifteen minutes later.”
– L.S., San Francisco

“Your firm is dependable. We have had you cover complicated assignments with multiple court reporters and conference rooms with many changes, and it was smoothly handled.”
– M.Y., Louisville, KY

“I feel very confident of the service I know I will receive from Atkinson-Baker when I schedule or reschedule a deposition. The employees are courteous, professional, and speedy, and that represents a great deal of relief to the high stress litigation process. Thank you for always providing the BEST services to the legal field.”
– C.R., Glendale, CA

“I have never had any problems with your court reporting services. There have been no issues from scheduling to getting the finished product. I like the fact that someone always answers the phone on the first or second ring. I have never had to leave a message. It is obvious that the representatives from Atkinson-Baker take pride in customer service. A letter grade would be an A+. Thanks.”
– V.E., Baltimore, MD

“Wonderful! You guys did it again. Thanks for such professionalism and being able to rise to the occasion. Now I will be able to sleep well tonight without hoping we find a reporter at the last minute. Thanks for your keen attention to details. I just think your company is an excellent court reporting service.”
– N.T., Chicago, IL

What I like best is your lightening-quick response and that you’re dependable! Above and beyond – always! Keep up the good work!”
– M.R., Los Angeles, CA

“Regarding your website – I am happy to see all the things we can do online now! The online site is great and very easy to navigate. I like that I can check our account and print out invoices for clients before we receive them in the mail. And it’s also nice to be able to check our scheduling online.”
– S.T., Pasadena, CA

“I woke up at 1:00 a.m. and my heart was pounding because I didn’t remember if I ordered the court reporter and videographer for the deposition or not. I got up and wrote a note to myself to call first thing, but when I got in the fax confirmation was here! Atkinson-Baker is one fabulous company, indeed!”
– M.M., San Francisco, CA

“Setting up the depo was easy and the turnaround was GREAT – fastest transcript we’ve ever received.”
– C.B., Phoenix, AZ

“I have never been disappointed by Atkinson-Baker, never. I had a hearing once when there was an oversight in my office and the court reporter didn’t show. Your office had a court reporter in the chair in just under an hour and a half. You have never disappointed us!”
– J.G., La Mirada, CA

“Oh, my gosh! Can you book all of my depos from now on? You are the only one who got all the information correct. You are the only one who got our file number in the e-mail. And you are the only one who sent me the confirmation like I requested and didn’t cc anyone else (like I also requested)! Thanks a bunch!”
– M.D., Sherman Oaks, CA

“Everything is just great. Your staff is wonderful at accommodating my requests, my last-minute rushes, and my occasional forgetfulness. Thanks very much – you have been very pleasant to work with.”
– J.C., Denver, CO

“What I like best about your services is you have reporters in every state. Always reliable!”
– J.F., Milwaukee, WI

“Thank you for your prompt service and making everything so seamless. It is very much appreciated when I’m trying to support nine attorneys!”
– C.N., Salinas, CA

“Your agency is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS to work with! Everyone I’ve ever dealt with has been right on top of their game and never fail to answer a question or return a call. You should be proud of your staff. You’re a huge organization, but you really do give a personal touch to everything and treat your reporters very well. Hope to meet you in person some day.”
– K.M.; Fontana, CA

“What I like best is you are quick! You’re doing a great job! I am amazed that your folks keep coming up with extra good stuff – like emailing the transcripts. Well done!”
– S.D., Orlando, FL