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Glendale, CA (PRWEB) December 16, 2014


Nation’s Leading Court Reporting Agency Unveils New Website and Corporate Brand Identity

Atkinson-Baker, one of the nation’s largest privately owned court reporting agencies, is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website, https://www.depo.com. The new website reinforces the company’s commitment to providing advanced technological tools to enhance its service to clients, court reporters, and the public at large.

Founded over 26 years ago by Sheila Atkinson-Baker, a professional court reporter, and Alan Atkinson-Baker to meet a major need in the legal community for last minute deposition scheduling, Atkinson-Baker quickly became known for its dedication to impeccable customer service, responsiveness, and efficiency. The company has grown from a handful of employees to more than 170 employees and, with the help of internally created, proprietary software, tracks and schedules over 700 court reporters, 75 legal videographers, 130 interpreters, and 600 conference rooms every month. To date Atkinson-Baker has delivered close to 690,000 depositions in all 50 states and 32 countries around the world.

The redesigned website will continue to feature client favorites, including the Deadline and Filing Date Calculator and downloadable Federal and State calendars. It also features 500 industry-specific articles and close to 200 pages of newsletters. In addition to client favorites, the new depo.com features the following enhancements:

-Improved Structure and Navigation. The site is designed with a clean, modern layout and an improved menu system with information organized for ease of use. The site is user friendly and simple to navigate.

-Responsive Design. Responsive design ensures that users can access https://www.depo.com anywhere on any device with optimal viewing quality.

-Updated Client Center Tour. The site features an updated Client Center tour tutorial.

-Knowledge Center. Atkinson-Baker’s Knowledge Center is the legal industry’s top choice for tips, tools, tutorials, and up-to-date coverage of news for legal professionals.

“We are pleased to launch our new website and brand identity. We have created a technologically advanced, user-friendly site tailored to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. As ABI continues to expand, our focus remains on ensuring that we provide our clients with the unparalleled service and quality we are known for,” commented Alan Atkinson-Baker, CEO of Atkinson-Baker. To view the newly redesigned website, please visit: https://www.depo.com.

About Atkinson-Baker:

Founded in 1987, Atkinson-Baker is dedicated to providing the most efficient and comprehensive service for all court reporting needs nationwide. We utilize our experience in the court reporting industry, our skill, and the latest technology to achieve the highest quality litigation support and to provide the finest court reporters nationwide.


Glendale, CA (PRWEB) July 09, 2014 


From a small oak desk and a one-line phone in their home office twenty six years ago, Alan and Sheila Atkinson-Baker have created a court reporting dynamo that has delivered over 600,000 depositions in all 50 states and 32 countries around the world.

There is a humorous slogan at Atkinson-Baker that “Cheetahs intern here before being turned loose on the Savannah.”

A new lawsuit is filed every two seconds of every day in the USA, where there are 1.2 million attorneys and 22,000 court reporters. So there are times when circumstances intrude that force a court reporter to miss a deposition.

When that happens, firms often turn to Atkinson-Baker to handle the problem. It was, after all, the founding principle on which the company was built.

It was 26 years ago when Alan and Sheila delved into managing Sheila’s flourishing court reporting activities. It expanded rapidly from there. There was a shortage of court reporters in those days, and court reporting firms would network. They would farm out jobs they couldn’t fill. Alan developed the ability to find court reporters at the last minute and decided to accommodate this extra demand.

Today, Atkinson-Baker has more than 170 employees and, with the help of internally created, proprietary software, tracks and schedules 1,100 court reporters every week.

The public has an image of court reporters sitting primly in a lawyer’s conference room or in a courtroom quietly recording what is being said. And that is what they do. “But sometimes the obstacles we have to overcome to get them there remind us of those harrowing days of the Pony Express.”

There was the deposition at “The top of the world.” It was a large case involving one of the global oil giants in Barrow, Alaska. Barrow sits on the northern-most boundary of Alaska, on the shores of the Artic Ocean, 320 miles North of the Arctic Circle.

Atkinson-Baker flew an adventurous CR from the lower 48 into the Wiley Post – Will Rogers memorial airport in Barrow. While the airport name alone might give some pause, the court reporter, long johns in tow, spent two bone-chilling days facilitating depositions of two professionals to the great delight of the client.

In another case: a law firm in Las Vegas was conducting depositions of multiple deponents in their offices in Las Vegas. It was a large case and attorneys had flown in from around the country.

The conference room looked like a New York subway car at rush hour. Everyone was there ready to go, everyone, that is except the stenographer, who had not shown up. The company burned phone, email, and text lines to find her – no joy. They called Atkinson-Baker, who had a court reporter in the conference room in 15 minutes.

“I built a reputation of taking on ‘impossible’ assignments and finding a court reporter to fill the job no matter where or how short the notice was,” Alan says. “It’s a service we still uphold today and our reputation is built on it.”

From Argentina to Australia, India to Israel, Taiwan to Thailand, and all across the legal landscape of America, Atkinson-Baker court reporters overcome every obstacle they need to in order to bring their own brand of speed and accuracy to legal systems, both foreign and domestic.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the people who are suffering from the effects of the Typhoon. We have sincere compassion for those who have lost loved ones and the hundreds of thousands who have been displaced as a result of this unforeseen, tragic natural disaster.

We have given our support through a monetary donation and if you have the need to do the same, here are some reputable organizations that are accepting donations for the victims.


Red Cross

Salvation Army


We extend our most sincere condolences and prayers to all those affected by the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. We are committed to providing immediate support through monetary donations.

If you are looking for opportunities to assist victims, here are some reputable organizations:

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Red Cross of Oklahoma

United Way of Central Oklahoma



Atkinson-Baker Court Reporters - Testimonials

For The Record
Deposition services firm Atkinson-Baker has seen lots of changes in the field.

By Mark R. Madler
March 3, 2008

Behind a heavy brown door marked “Detailing.” stacks and stacks of transcripts created by the court reporters of Atkinson-Baker Inc., are collected, bound, and shipped out.

The Glendale-based deposition services firm compiles up to 600 depositions in an average week – documenting the back and forth between attorneys and witnesses in preparation for a case.

When it comes to the format attorneys prefer to receive their transcripts in, President Sheila Atkinson-Baker notes a generational difference.

“Some of the young guys prefer to have the disks,” Atkinson-Baker said. “The old school likes the paper.”

For 21 years, Atkinson-Baker’s eponymous firm has served attorneys nationwide with court reporters, videographers, interpreters, and other services connected with efficiently scheduling and conducting depositions.

What these attorneys and their harried administrative assistants need, the agency gives – accuracy in the deposition and a quick turnaround.

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Inc Magazine Award  "Best of Small Business Web" for Atkinson-Baker Court Reporting Agency

Best of the Web Awards

Inc. Magazine hosted the “Best of the Small Business Web” competition with twenty companies chosen from a pool of over 400 entrants as examples of successful, small business sites.

“There are great business sites that serve their customers. There are great professional sites that serve their industry. Sheila Atkinson-Baker’s site serves both.”

“Atkinson-Baker’s clients are lawyers; her industry is court reporting. As most of us know, either firsthand or from watching David E. Kelley productions, not all testimony occurs in the courtroom. Often lawyers want to know prior to a trial what a witness is going to say. They need someone impartial to take notes and type up the transcript. That’s when they call Atkinson-Baker. The 12-year-old Glendale, Calif., company sends its employees out to record the proceedings of thousands of depositions every year. The company’s two biggest challenges are finding the best possible reporters and managing a tangle of schedules and logistics.

“Both of those applications, of course, are ideal for the Web. But that wasn’t obvious in 1995 when Atkinson-Baker launched the site…”

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Atkinson-Baker Depositions - Testimonials

“Ask small business owners how they stay afloat in a competitive market, and they may give you a laughably simple answer: Generate more revenue than you spend.”

“While owners know this basic tenet of small business, it’s not easy to pass that mantra on to employees who do a lot of the spending. However, Atkinson-Baker & Associates, a Los Angeles court reporting firm, has found a way to make sure its employees are aware of where the money comes and goes.

” ‘Each day everybody reports their statistics,’ says Atkinson-Baker. ‘It all goes into a computer system, and we keep track of it all.’ … ‘Employees have statistics for their job and it helps them see how well they are producing.’ … ‘When we have had problem areas, the statistics have helped us catch them before they become a bigger problem,’ he says.”

Excerpted from Business Ethics Magazine

Atkinson-Baker Videographers - Testimonials

‘I’ve always leased all our computers,’ explains CEO Alan Baker. ‘Leasing doesn’t tie up our credit lines or capital resources, and there are financial advantages such as tax breaks and simplified accounting.’ …

“Baker doesn’t go along with a short PC life expectancy. ‘To increase the viability of our investment, we try to get four or five years out of any machine we lease,’ he explains. ‘At the end of a two-year lease, we usually buy the hardware for 10 percent of its value.'”

Excerpted from Beyond Computing Magazine