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Inc Magazine Award  "Best of Small Business Web" for Atkinson-Baker Court Reporting Agency
Best of the Web Awards

Inc. Magazine hosted the “Best of the Small Business Web” competition with twenty companies chosen from a pool of over 400 entrants as examples of successful, small business sites.

“There are great business sites that serve their customers. There are great professional sites that serve their industry. Sheila Atkinson-Baker’s site serves both.”

“Atkinson-Baker’s clients are lawyers; her industry is court reporting. As most of us know, either firsthand or from watching David E. Kelley productions, not all testimony occurs in the courtroom. Often lawyers want to know prior to a trial what a witness is going to say. They need someone impartial to take notes and type up the transcript. That’s when they call Atkinson-Baker. The 12-year-old Glendale, Calif., company sends its employees out to record the proceedings of thousands of depositions every year. The company’s two biggest challenges are finding the best possible reporters and managing a tangle of schedules and logistics.

“Both of those applications, of course, are ideal for the Web. But that wasn’t obvious in 1995 when Atkinson-Baker launched the site. …”

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