The ABI Reporter E-Letter – September 2015


The ABI Reporter E-Letter – September 2015

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From the President


As we enter the final quarter of 2015 and summer vacations are over, we can expect an increase of legal discovery. It’s time to organize for increased production! I hope some of our past newsletters have helped with ideas for faster and more efficient transcript turnaround time, work-life balance, and increased technical know-how. We must keep our sights on how to be the best at what we do.

The main things attorneys request are: 1) on-time reporters, 2) accurate, on-time transcripts, and 3) responsive customer service.

We have a 170-man team at ABI to provide you with administrative backup, but it is you we depend upon to provide the service the clients order. You are the person with whom the attorney interacts. You are the reflection of our team and the representative of our profession. It may seem sometimes that you are out there on your own, but know that you are the most essential part of the team and we are here to help.


Finding the Right Scopist is Key to Live Editing of Realtime

NCRA Panel Presentation

Finding the right scopist can mean the difference between providing quality draft realtime transcripts within minutes rather than hours, according to a panel presentation held at NCRA’s 2015 Techcon event held April 10-12 in Denver, Colorado. Participants included Lisa Knight, RMR, CRR; Christine Phipps, RPR; and Sue Terry, RPR, CRR.

To help ensure a high-quality product and a quick turnaround of draft transcripts, freelancers should consider having at least two scopists they work with on a regular basis, as well as a good proofreader; however, finding the right people to fill those roles many times is not easy. As part of their presentation, guest panelists shared with attendees the following tips to help find the right scopist and proofreader for them.  Read more

Realtime USB Tips and Tricks

By Keith Lemons

Are you realtiming for yourself or others?  How do you know which USB port is which?  Windows boxes are all fairly standard in that if you install a USB peripheral in a particular USB port, it will always use that physical port’s settings.

Let’s say you have a laptop with four USB ports. You set up your writer on the one closest to you and the setup program assigns a COM Port 3, in my example. If you plug your writer into that physical port, it will always be COM Port 3. You have just configured that physical port, but only that physical port. The other three have not been configured for your writer. So always plug into that port. I’m going to make the intuitive leap that you will then go into your CAT system and note what port your writer is sending from. If not, here is the two-minute warning. Know your CAT system well enough that you know how to label which port goes in and which one goes out.  Read more

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