The ABI Reporter E-Letter – June 2016


The ABI Reporter E-Letter – June 2016

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  • The Same but So Different
  • Learn from Secret Agents
  • Talking Technology with Fred Middlebrooks
  • Synchronized Video Deposition
  • Five Simple Ways You can Impress Your Client
  • Harnessing the Power of Steno Macros

From the President

For light, fun reading material, in this issue of the Reporter we have included, “The Same but so Different,” a US reporter’s experiences working in the London courts, and, “Learn from Secret Agents,” highlighting the parallels between a court reporting profession and that of a secret agent.

As for the technology aspect of reporting, there are some really useful tips for improving efficiency utilizing your CAT software in “Talking Technology.”  For you advanced realtime writers, you must check out, “Harnessing the Power of Steno Macros,” by Mark Kislingbury.

Finally, consider joining the excitement and camaraderie of the NCRA Convention, “You are the Architect of Your Future.”  It will be held in Chicago on August 4-7.  The full program specifics are here: NCRA 2016


The Same but So Different

By Diana L. Netherton, Journal of Court Reporting, NCRA

When I arrived on the judicial scene in London in 1992 as a young rookie court reporter, I had never formally worked as a court reporter. I attended and graduated from court reporting school the year before in Florida. During my internship, I met a British sailor sporting a crisp, white uniform, and the rest, as they say, is history.  At the time I started reporting in the U.K., I hadn’t a clue how the British legal system operated. I just assumed, like most Americans, that dramas such as Rumpole of the Bailey accurately depicted English courts: a bunch of crusty old stiffs in silly wigs. Within a few months, I landed a brief interview with a court reporting firm in London that held the court contracts, proudly showed them my certificate of completion, and the very next day I found myself assigned to a courtroom. I was greeted at the courtroom door by Mavis, an elderly lady in a homemade pink cardigan, who introduced herself as the usher, akin to a bailiff here in the U.S. Ushers are the people who mark the exhibits during trials, not the reporter.

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Learn from Secret Agents

By Lynette Mueller, Journal of Court Reporting, NCRA

This past summer, we saw Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and The Man from U.N.C.L.E., flicks about secret agents and packed with continuous action. As is the case with most action films featuring secret agents like Ethan Hunt, James Bond, and others, common elements can be found throughout the movies: mysterious plots, superhuman skills and maneuvers, amazing chase scenes, continuous action, and gadgets that help them achieve their missions or goals. The heroes generally have the same character traits: dependable, in peak physical condition, and prepared for any situation.

Secret agents exercise continuously and consistently because they know it can mean the difference between life and death out in the field. They don’t cut their workouts short when they’re tired or miss a day because they’re not up to the challenge. They train hard, they train with purpose, and they train as if their lives depend on it. Even though I’m a working reporter, I feel it is imperative to practice my writing on a daily basis. There are several resources to find practice material:

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“Talking Technology with Fred Middlebrooks”
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“Synchronized Video Deposition”
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Five Simple Ways you Can Impress Your Client

Harnessing the Power of Steno Macros

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