The ABI Reporter E-Letter – July 2015


The ABI Reporter E-Letter – July 2015

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From the President

Thank you to those who responded to our survey last month. It was very helpful to us in choosing the topics for this newsletter and to address the subjects you are interested in. I’m sure it is no surprise that reporters are interested in speed building, realtime, and being more organized and efficient.

There is so much technology out there to help us with these subjects: The major CAT systems continue to improve their software. There are apps for organizing and calendaring. There is the NCRA website and their Realtime Awareness program. There are the state association websites and social media groups for court reporters.

I’m sure you have lots of good ideas that will help other reporters, as well. So please feel free to forward your thoughts, suggestions, and articles you read which we can share.


Save Yourself Time and Avoid Errors

By Denyce Sanders

In the February 2013 issue of The Journal of Court Reporting, I wrote an article on saving time using Case CATalyst. This year I would like to follow up on that and ask: have you looked for ways to save yourself time and avoid errors? If you have, fantastic! If not, no worries.  Now is as good a time as any to start. If time is an issue, do one thing at a time or “schedule” yourself an hour of Case CATalyst time. You can make these changes anywhere – during your kid’s soccer game, at a coffee shop, or while watching TV.

Syncing to Dropbox

I use two computers. I have one that is strictly my depo computer with Windows and a home desktop that is a Mac and runs Parallels so I can access Windows on the Mac. For years, I would have to back up and go home and put the job on my home computer.

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Can Providing Realtime Increase Your Revenue?

By David Ward

You can certainly still make a good and interesting living as a court reporter with basic professional reporter certifications and skills. But reporters who have added additional certifications say the time and effort put into getting them is well worth it for their career.

This is especially true of reporters who have obtained NCRA’s Certified Realtime Reporter certification, which means achieving 96 percent accuracy in a two-voice question-and-answer skills test at 200 words per minute.

For some reporters, being able to say they are CRRs helps them better market themselves in what in some areas remains a very competitive business. Others cite the desire to be everything they can be in their careers as the primary reason they went for realtime certification.

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Realtime Troubleshooting Workshop

Briefs – Computers

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What am I?


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