The ABI Reporter E-Letter – February 2015


The ABI Reporter E-Letter – February 2015

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  • Professional Advancement and Gender Stereotypes: The “Rules” for Better Gender
  • Passing the Test
  • Business E-mail Etiquette Basics
  • What is Connectify Hotspot? How Does this
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  • Confront and Overcome Gender Stereotypes
    in the Workplace

From the President

I hope you enjoy this edition of The Reporter, our e-letter for court reporters. We have included an interesting article which addresses “gender stereotypes” in the workplace. The author makes some great points on how to improve gender diversity at work. There is also a link to her e-seminar.

“Passing the Test” contains good information from experienced writers. This is a must-read to ensure you are approaching taking the RPR, RMR, and/or CRR with the winning viewpoint.

Thank you for all you do, and let me know if there is a subject you would like to see covered in our next edition.



By Andrea S. Kramer

In business and the professions it has now become commonplace to note that gender stereotypes powerfully affect women’s career advancement and often lead men and women to “talk past one another.” But the critical need to confront these stereotypes and find ways to help women to talk to — rather than past — men did not become clear to me until I served on my law firm’s Compensation Committee more than 10 years ago.

One of my responsibilities each year was to review several hundred self-evaluations written by my partners. Almost immediately, I was struck by how differently men and the women talked about themselves. There were such fundamental differences in the content and tone of the self-evaluations that I started to play a game: without looking at the partner’s name, I would write down whether I thought the self- evaluation was written by a man or a woman. I was never wrong. Another of my responsibilities was to review our senior lawyers’ performance evaluations of our junior lawyers. Again, I was struck by how differently senior male lawyers described the performance of the men and women who had worked for them. Read full article


By David Ward

Ask any group of court reporters to name the more stressful events in their professional careers, and some may recall an especially tense and complex deposition or a long, grueling trial. But more than a few will include the NCRA certification exams as high on that list as well.

Though they may seem easy once they’ve been passed, sitting in a room preparing to take the skills portions of the RPR — or the RMR, CRR, CART, or captioning — test can be about as pressure-packed a moment as you can get in this industry. Read full article

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