The ABI Reporter E-Letter – August 2016


The ABI Reporter E-Letter – August 2016

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  • Realtime Readiness, Episode 1
  • No Fear! Getting Past Realtime Roadblocks
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  • Why Enter the Speed Contest?
  • Time Management: Be the Reporter Who
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  • Technology: The Benefits of Early Adoption
  • Realtime and WiFi

From the President


Are you working on getting up and running on realtime? Are you an old hand at providing it, yet on the look-out for good tips? Or somewhere in between? Wherever you are on this learning curve, we have chosen some articles to help.

Get advice and motivation from seasoned realtimers in “Realtime Readiness, Episode 1,” a fun article written with a Star Wars perspective, and another article, “Getting Past Realtime Roadblocks,” containing tips from several veterans.

“Technology: The Benefits of Early Adoption,” covers how staying up on the technology benefits court reporters in very specific ways.

Feel free to write me with tips of your own that we can share with other reporters.


Realtime Readiness, Episode 1

By Lynette Mueller

It is a period of ever-changing technology!

Court reporters, in the courtroom and deposition setting, are winning with tools and gadgets to help them work smarter and provide their important clients with the technology to assist them in their cases.

I admit that I’m a technology and gadgets geek. I was so excited that the new Star Wars film opened this past December.

Here are some quotes from the Star Wars series that relate to court reporters using gadgets and technology to help them provide great realtime output for their clients.

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No Fear! Getting Past Realtime Roadblocks

By The National Court Reporters Association

What’s preventing you from providing realtime? The Technology Subcommittee asked realtime providers through the TRAIN program for their best tips in getting past the roadblocks and into the groove.

How do you fight the fear of your realtime feed not being perfect? Breathe! After 32 years of reporting, I still get nervous for the first five minutes of any deposition. How in the world am I supposed to make my realtime feed readable when they are speaking at breakneck speeds (and they are often mumbling or their speech is unintelligible)? First, take a deep breath, and know everything will be okay. I promise! Once you administer the oath in a very slow-paced and methodical way, you set the stage for counsel to continue in a slow-paced and methodical way.

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Just Do It
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Why Enter the Speed Contest?
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Time Management: Be the Reporter Who Can Be Counted On
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Technology: The Benefits of Early Adoption

Realtime and WiFi

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