ABI Reporter – September 2020


ABI Reporter – September 2020

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  • Zoom Tips, Tricks, and Advice
  • Backup Options for Court Reporters
  • NCRA Members’ Work Situations
  • Eclipse Empowerment Webinar
  • CCRA and Stenograph Offer Two Virtual Training Opportunities
  • 14 Common Wrongly-Used Phrases
  • 11 Easy Ways to Protect Your Digital Privacy

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This month’s ABI Reporter is packed with tips and useful information for you. We included articles on remote depo tips, training opportunities, and more.

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Zoom Tips, Tricks, and Advice

By National Court Reporters Association

With an increase in remote depositions now using the Zoom format, the members of the Technology Committee thought it would be a great time to review some Zoom basics and troubleshooting tips with you.

Zoom app versus web browser: It is better to download the Zoom app to the laptop or desktop computer, rather than using it online only. From the app, you can easily change your name, settings, keyboard map, background, control the waiting room, and share the screen.

Change your name: It may be necessary to change your name if you work for different firms or for home versus work. To customize your name, if you are an account holder, simply click on “Profile,” and you can edit your user settings. If you are only an attendee, simply click on “Participants,” find your name and then click on the three dots that appear to the right. Then choose the “rename” options and you can name yourself “Court Reporter” or “Captioner” or “Shazam!” — whatever you like! It will remain that way throughout the session.

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Backup Options for Court Reporters

By Lynette Mueller

backup: a copy of computer data (as a file or the contents of a hard drive); also : the act or an instance of making a backup 

In today’s technologically savvy environment, there is no excuse not to have a great backup plan for transcripts and important data.  After all, those transcripts are our bread and butter; right? Court reporters should have a firm solution in place for the storage and protection of their data in order to retrieve it, if needed, at a moment’s notice and from wherever you may be located. Clients and litigants rely on us, as the guardians of the record, to preserve that important testimony.

Other reasons to ensure a great backup plan are:

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NCRA Members’ Work Situations
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Eclipse Empowerment Webinar
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CCRA and Stenograph Offer Two Virtual Training Opportunities
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14 Common Wrongly-Used Phrases

11 Easy Ways to Protect Your Digital Privacy 

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