ABI Reporter – September 2019


ABI Reporter – September 2019

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From the President


Summer vacations and the summer lull has passed.  I hope you had a chance to enjoy it!

We are now preparing for the standard fall uptick of reporting jobs and demand.  This issue presents articles to help you become more efficient and productive.  Let’s all work together to service the clientele who make our valuable profession possible.

Let’s have a productive month!

Best wishes,
Sheila Atkinson-Baker

Life Tips from Erin Brockovich


Attendees at NCRA’s 2019 Convention & Expo in Denver, CO, heard firsthand the stories behind the movie Erin Brockovich from its namesake during the packed Premier Session. Brockovich, the renowned consumer advocate and environmental activist, shared bits of her life story, how she learned to persevere, and who her major influencers were. She attributes those influencers to helping her later in life go from unknown legal researcher to 20th-century icon as the persistent force behind the largest medical settlement lawsuit in history.

Brockovich began her address at the convention by acknowledging the importance of the human court reporter’s presence and role in the courtroom to ensure an accurate record of the proceedings and added that she was always amazed when she had the chance to watch what they did.

She also shared what it has been like since the making of the movie some 20 years ago and entertained attendees with stories about how she is recognized as Erin Brockovich when traveling but is also often confused with Julia Roberts, the actress who portrayed her in the film.

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Incorporating Briefs for Parentheticals


Dear Techie:

I am an aspiring realtimer and love to learn from more experienced and awesome realtime court reporters. My focus is on how to use briefs for parentheticals that explain to the attorneys what’s happening. I would love to have specific and easy-to-learn examples that I can incorporate into my dictionary.

Realtime Briefer

Dear Briefer:

Myrina A. Kleinschmidt, RMR, CRR, CRC, has some tips and briefs that you can start using today! She writes:

I like the briefs for parentheticals that explain to the attorneys what’s happening. It always distracts me when I see an attorney staring quizzically at my realtime feed. So writing a quick note releases my concern, and I can get back to focusing on the job.

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Email and Emphasis

While Vs. Whilst 

The Lighter Side of Legal


There are two monkeys on a tree, and one jumps off.  Why does the other monkey jump too?


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