ABI Reporter – October 2019


ABI Reporter – October 2019

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  • You Know You’re a Court Reporter If . . .
  • Successful Reporter-Scopist Relationships
  • When is a Question not a Question?
  • Catching Up with the Realtime Champion
  • Past, Present, and Future of Captioning
  • Confusing Words of the Week
  • Rules for Writing Numbers

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This month’s ABI Reporter includes some interesting articles about the use of scopists, the future of captioning, and much more.

As always, we appreciate all the feedback you provide us. It allows us to continue developing new and different ways to help you when taking jobs with us.

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You Know You're a Court Reporter If . . .


We recently asked this fill-in-the-blank question on the NCRA Facebook page.

Here are some of the great answers:

You know you’re a court reporter if . .

“When you edit and punctuate restaurant menus, church bulletins, billboards (while driving), your text messages to other court reporters, hate the AI functions on your text messaging when they get it wrong, try to publicly correct someone when they say ‘conversate,’ or ‘pacific’ for ‘specific.’ And when you walk away from a group conversation (not work related) when one person talks over another.”

Margary Rogers, RPR, CRI

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Successful Reporter-Scopist Relationships

By Cindi Lynch

When scopists and reporters work as a team, each of them is happier, more productive, and more profitable. Also, with the advent of RealTeam™, reporters and scopists need each other more than ever.

However, a lot of reporters say that they’re unhappy with the quality of the scopists they’ve tried, and a lot of scopists have expressed disappointment with the quality of work reporters ask them to scope. There are two reasons for this mutual discontent: lack of understanding as to each partner’s responsibilities and insufficient CAT software knowledge.

To create a successful reporter/scopist partnership, each member of the team needs to be on the same page about their individual responsibilities and their expectations of each other.

Not every reporter nor every scopist currently uses the same definition for their respective roles, beyond the reporter doing the writing and translating and the scopist editing, and, of course, there’s a whole lot more to each person’s job!  For example, someone will be defining untranslates and mistranslates, selecting conflicts and maintaining the conflict databases, including and filling in standard pages and building an index, inserting or modifying punctuation as needed using the appropriate resources and rule books as required or preferred. But who does what, and how much should they do? These responsibilities should be discussed and verified before working together.

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When is a Question not a Question?
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Catching Up with the Realtime Champion
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Past, Present, and Future of Captioning
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Confusing Words of the Week

Rules for Writing Numbers

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