ABI Reporter – November 2019


ABI Reporter – November 2019

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  • Seven Ways to Stop Office Overload
  • Reporters Share their Nightmares
  • Create New Steno Outlines Without “Extra” Keys
  • Voice of Veterans Captured by Reporters
  • Nebraska Supreme Court Recognizes NCRA Member
  • What’s in your Steno Bag?
  • Improving your Dual-Monitor Setup

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Seven Ways to Stop Office Overload

By Jennifer Anderson

So many people in the legal profession know the feeling – the to-do list at work just keeps getting longer. Meanwhile, the demands away from work are also growing exponentially. The kids need to be shuttled around from event to event, your well-meaning volunteer position is now just a source of guilt, and the chores around the house never seem to do themselves.

In these instances, it is easy to become overwhelmed and to let that stress negatively impact all the responsibilities you have on your plate. When you are on the brink of being completely overwhelmed, try one of these sure-fire tips to halt office overload and give yourself tools to manage anything.

#1: Make a list

Lists are actually a very good tool for reducing stress. In fact, according to famed neuroscience professor Daniel Levitin, most people can only keep about four things in their heads without losing all organization. Once you write down your to-dos, however, you have alleviated your brain from the stress of remembering. That frees up mental energy for you to actually start tackling all those tasks that have been piling up on you.

And then, of course, there’s also the innate satisfaction one can get from crossing things off their to-do lists. A relief when it happens and something to look forward to.

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Reporters Share their Nightmares


In honor of the Halloween scares, we asked court reporters on social media what bad dreams they have had. Here are some of their responses:

I didn’t have my machine, so I was provided a cookie sheet with refried beans spread out, into which I pushed my fingers with steno strokes. Each stroke was lighter than the prior so it would rest on top. I felt I got the hang of it until I was asked for readback. Last thing I remember of the nightmare was holding a butter knife and trying to figure out how deep to slice the beans on a horizontal plane to find the readback spot. I was worried not only if I could read my bean record but how I was not going to turn all the bean record into mush. (My husband interpreted the dream that I was too stressed and needed to take a vacation.) Duh!

Debbie Gale, RPR, Santa Ana, Calif.

I had to ask my client to drive me to the deposition with baby in tow and asked him during break to feed my baby her bottle.

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Create New Steno Outlines Without “Extra” Keys
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Voice of Veterans
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Nebraska Supreme Court Recognizes NCRA Member
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What’s in your Steno Bag?

Improving your Dual-Monitor Setup 

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