The ABI Reporter E-Letter – October 2014


The ABI Reporter E-Letter – October 2014

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October 2014

• Ways to Hook Up
• Fingers Fly at Court Reporting Championships
• The Challenges of Court Reporting
• Why Punctuality Matters
• 6 Rules for Outstanding Email Communication
• Top 7 Grammar Websites for Administrative Professionals
From the President


Since our inception over twenty years ago, our reporters have collectively reported 683,960 depositions in 8,804 different cities nationwide.  What an accomplishment!  We are honored to serve the legal community, and we very much appreciate your work and commitment to the ABI team.

If you aren’t a member already, we encourage you to join the National Court Reporters Association and take full advantage of their member benefits.  Be sure to sign up for 2015 right away and get the rest of 2014 for free.  As a reporter, the NCRA is one of the best resources you have.

Your commitment to serving our clients everywhere is very appreciated, and your dedication doesn’t go unnoticed.

Best regards,

Ways to Hook Up

By Lisa A. Knight

One of the hardest decisions court reporters who are planning to provide realtime face is deciding what equipment to use. Here is a guide on what the op­tions are. I’ve attempted to answer the questions that come up most often to help make the decision easier.


What do I need to write realtime with serial cables?

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Fingers Fly at Court-Reporting Championships

By Zusha Elinson

The most famous court reporter in the country, Mark Kislingbury, calmly rested his hands on his keyboard. Around him, more than three dozen other stenographers also readied themselves for the 2014 national court reporting championships, held last month in a hotel conference room here.

The “Olympics of court reporting,” as it is often called, kicked off with a speech, read at precisely 200 words a minute. The stenographers’ fingers began to fly. Onlookers, numbering fewer than the contestants, didn’t cheer. In fact, they were completely silent, though some made typing motions in a sort of “air court reporting” to see if they could keep up.

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Valuable Information at Your Fingertips

The Challenges of
Court Reporting

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“Why Punctuality
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Smarter Tools

6 Rules for Outstanding Email CommunicationTop 7 Grammar Websites for Administrative Professionals
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