The Secret to Accurate, Timely Transcript Delivery
August 04 , 2017

Without accurate and timely transcripts, attorneys and their staff will not have the clear, detailed, written record of deposition, hearing, and trial proceedings.  The transcripts are the archived record of these legal proceedings, which is why timeliness and accuracy is paramount.  At Atkinson-Baker, we provide our team with the necessary training and skills needed to assist in providing the verbatim transcripts which help lawyers navigate their cases.

An interview with one of our very own transcript inspectors highlights the key to accurate and prompt delivery of these transcripts.

What does a transcript inspector do?

Before answering what a transcript inspector does, it is helpful to know that two jobs are needed for effective transcript production, once the completed transcript is turned in by the court reporter.  First, there is the quality assurance (QA) professional, who is tasked with checking for obvious errors, such as formatting, within the body of the transcript.  Once the transcript is reviewed by a QA professional, the transcript inspector must then perform a critically important review of the delivery and handling instructions.

An inspector reviews key details to ensure that client instructions have been carried out to the letter, which includes double-checking case name and number, persons in attendance, time and location accuracy, attachments being used as exhibits to the transcript, reporter certificates, down to the smallest details of client instructions.  The best service pays attention to the small details, and it is the QA professional and transcript inspector who ensure these details receive their just due.

What qualifications are needed to excel as a transcript inspector?

Since inspectors and QA professionals alike are working with language, a mastery of spelling and grammar is important for spotting errors.  They need a keen eye for detail and an ability to remain alert and organized while conducting a review.  Just as important, however, is the virtue of patience, which ensures that clients receive transcripts that have been diligently reviewed because no shortcuts were taken.

Is training required?

Simply put, training is essential.  Not only does training help inspectors gain familiarity with Atkinson-Baker’s own workplace policies, it is just as important that an inspector learn legal terminology, necessary for doing a thorough transcript inspection.  From time to time, an inspector will also need to work with court reporters and lawyers to double-check work on the production line, which only serves to further highlight the importance of this training.

Inspectors must have a firm grasp of state and federal codes and procedures regarding handling of transcripts.  These are new concepts for beginning inspectors, which is why an effective training program is the only way to ensure inspectors have all necessary skills.  Having worked at Atkinson-Baker for eight years and counting, I can say that the training has given me every resource needed to succeed as a transcript inspector.

How does the Atkinson-Baker team ensure quality and timely transcripts are produced?

It all starts with our team-based approach.  We work together and monitor progress as a cohesive unit, which really helps when a rush order is needed or similarly complicated scenario arises.  This team-based approach led to my most memorable day on the job, when a rush order needed to go out in 15 minutes.  In this tight window, I caught a small discrepancy and called the court reporter to make the change.  The reporter was so grateful, and I was happy to help.  The bottom line is I am not doing my job if I don’t catch those errors, and that is part of operating as a team to meet the needs of clients.  While there are frustrations and difficulties on some days, which is true of any job, it is the team-based collaboration that keeps me loving what I do.

The Atkinson-Baker Difference

Our interview with a member of the production team demonstrates what clients love about Atkinson-Baker:  Our team-based, collaborative approach was created with a goal in mind, which is to provide our clients with accurate and timely legal services they can count on every time.
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