Security of Your Information
April 01 , 2019

When working with any company, you want to have certainty that your information is always secure and not accessible to the wrong hands. Security is made a priority by using industry-leading security software for the many aspects of information protection.

There are various aspects to information security, and all need to be protected against. There is software for anti-virus protection, for data loss prevention, for host intrusion prevention, for endpoint (end user device) protection, and for server security.

In addition, the “bad guys” have become incredibly clever at tricking people into giving out information unknowingly. You can have the best security software in the world, but it won’t help if you or your employee click on a bad link or if you open an attachment containing malware. This could make that computer or device available for a malware download or allow a hacker access to the user name and password, creating a security breach.

Nevertheless, there are ways of dealing with this type of problem. There are programs to get educated on these elements of security, such as the HIPAA compliance guidelines which can be found online. There are companies who specialize in education on this area. Although it is a technical area with many technical terms, it is possible to understand the basics and to successfully protect yourself and your data. It is vital to do so.

We have a company-wide program to maintain HIPAA compliant status, which not only informs the staff on risks of a security breach but educates them on how to identify any communication which could compromise security. It is important to recognize that security is only as good as your weakest link.

We regularly update and test our staff using available security education courses. With technology always changing, security is a constantly evolving process that needs to be monitored 24/7. We have the ability to monitor incoming traffic for threats, spam, and phishing emails, etc., and to prevent them from arriving to the end user. By performing these extra steps, the staff is alerted to the different types of cyber threats that attempt to get past the strong defenses the company has in place.

One thing is for sure:  You can rest assured that your data and the data of your firm will be secure with Atkinson-Baker.