Local Everywhere
February 28 , 2019

Finding reliable deposition services when you are traveling away from a home town location can be a challenge, but now there is an excellent solution. Wherever you travel nationwide, Atkinson-Baker is ready and able to supply the friendly and skillful reporting services you need, for all locations.

Your “Local” Connection Everywhere
By providing deposition services in most states and cities, as well as other countries, we completely understand how critical these services are to working a case successfully. Atkinson-Baker provides a “local” connection, everywhere. We handle depositions and trials, and we have conference rooms available in all states and cities. No longer does it take hours of valuable time to find skillful deposition services on the road. We can quickly set up a court reporter, videographer, interpreter, or conference room anywhere.

Court Reporters, Interpreters, Videographers, and Conference Rooms
Atkinson-Baker is proud of our highly skilled group of professionals who understand the importance of accurate court reporting, interpreting, and legal videography. Dependability is a key asset, and our team is extremely prompt, friendly, and professional in every way.

We offers a variety of services, including remote videoconferencing, last-minute coverage, and realtime reporting services. For 30-plus years, we have accommodated large and small government agencies, who sometimes have different needs than regular law firms. We have extensive experience serving attorneys, paralegals, and legal secretaries.

One Call Does It All
This valuable service can be initiated with a quick phone call or email. We provide extensive details at our website, or give us a call to get quick answers for all your questions.

To learn more or to discuss your deposition services needs, call us now at: 800-288-3376, or visit us online at www.depo.com.