Five Reasons to Video your Next Depo
June 30 , 2017

If you have yet to experience the benefits firsthand of adding a videographer to your deposition, now is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with the significant benefits provided by this deposition technology.

Video Depositions Highlight Witness Demeanor and Behavior

A legal video deposition immediately proves advantageous when it comes to showing a witness’s emotional state.  The video will show every subtle nuance of witness reaction, including shifts in body language or emotion. These subtleties are lost on a jury by reading a deposition transcript at trial, should the witness not be available to testify.

Video Depositions Assist in Trial Preparedness

The totality of empirical evidence provided by a video deposition is a valuable ally in the trial planning process. When you are in the final stages of trial planning, reviewing these videos can help you to plan a better cross-examination strategy, or they can help you determine whether certain witnesses should even be called.

Video Tells a Better Story

At trial, you need a jury that is focused and paying attention to the details.  A deposition video is simply more engaging for the jury in this Netflix era.  When paying attention is paramount, do you believe the typical juror will pay more attention to a video or a transcript being read?

Video Depositions Can Help with Costs

Law firms small and large are looking to streamline costs, and legal video depositions can assist with just that. When expert opinions are needed, travel costs can drive up the price tag.  A video of the expert’s deposition may eliminate the need for the expert to travel to trial.  Relevant parts of the expert’s testimony can be used during the presentation of evidence and/or during closing arguments.

Using Video to Impeach a Witness

The visual impact of showing a jury video content where a witness says something different than their trial testimony is a proven tactic. Compared with reading a transcript, showing the inconsistent testimony on video is far more powerful.

When video content is used strategically, a client’s chance at receiving a favorable outcome can improve markedly. Simply put, effective and clever use of a legal video deposition can be the edge you need to win the day for your client.

This fact alone is reason enough to embrace legal video depositions. If you are ready to try video on your next deposition, contact Atkinson-Baker with any comments or questions you may have.