Atkinson-Baker Going Paperless
July 28 , 2017

The beginning of August, Atkinson-Baker will no longer be producing paper certified copies of transcripts.  All transcript copy orders will be delivered electronically, including all file formats and exhibits.  They will also be available 24/7 online at our Active Client Services portal at

As a new service, we are expanding our litigation support items to include .pdf transcripts with linked exhibits within the transcript.  You simply click on the link where the exhibit is mentioned, and you will be able to instantly view the exhibit, right along with the transcript!

Benefits from this change will be our reduction in energy consumption. We are dedicated to doing our part in helping to make our world a greener place; and with focus on electronic transcripts our products will have the ability to get to you faster.

The certified original transcript will continue to be produced in hard copy.  If you still prefer to receive a paper certified copy, we will continue providing this for you at no additional cost.