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Seven New Technologies Making law Firms More Efficient
February 18 , 2020

By Hayk Saakian

Technology is becoming a large part of everyday litigation and lawyering.  Here are some of new technologies helping law firms work smarter.

  1. Practice Management Software

SaaS (Software as a Service) providers have branched into the legal realm, by providing full-package practice management software. Read More

Online Privacy: How to Avoid Leaving Tracks Around the Internet
January 21 , 2020

By Hayk Saakian

Privacy has become an increasing concern as media companies continue to grow in size and influence. Facebook, along with many other tech giants, has been thrust into the spotlight when it comes to data protection issues. In fact, the government has decided to get involved on several occasions. With a frenzy of allegations, lawsuits, questions, and borderline hysteria, it can be difficult to know what to do and who to trust. Read More

How to Protect Your Password: Beyond the Basics
December 12 , 2019

By Hayk Saakian

Passwords of the Past and Today

In the past, protecting your online accounts with passwords was relatively simple. Practically any password would do the trick. As cyber attackers and hackers have enhanced their methods and capabilities over the years, it has become increasingly more difficult to protect your online identity and activities across all of your accounts. Read More

Being an In-Demand Legal Secretary
September 17 , 2019

By Michael Aed

Every legal professional should be fully prepared for each legal proceeding they will undergo. As such, both lawyers and paralegals rely heavily on their legal secretaries. Legal secretaries do as other administrative assistants do, with the addition that the world of law has been a world full of red tape and semantics. Read More

Diversity in the Depo Services Industry
March 15 , 2019

One aspect of the deposition services and legal industry that is becoming more and more of interest is a commitment to diversity. Why? Aside from the obvious fact that it’s only fair, it shows a concern for our fellows and an interest in improving conditions in our environment. Companies and teams benefit from the talents and varying perspectives of a range of backgrounds and experience. Read More