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Five Reasons to Video your Next Depo
June 30 , 2017

If you have yet to experience the benefits firsthand of adding a videographer to your deposition, now is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with the significant benefits provided by this deposition technology. Read More

Fastcase App Review
June 23 , 2017

A reality of 21st century lawyering is that attorneys increasingly rely on technology to make legal practice more efficient.  Smartphones have increasingly become an important part of modern living, and lawyers are increasingly turning to their favorite apps. Read More

Exciting New Tech for Deposition Exhibits
June 09 , 2017

Technology has always played a role in pushing industries forward and helping them evolve.  Use of “electronic” exhibits for depositions, in place of “hard copy” exhibits is one such area. Read More

Ways to Schedule Your Deposition
June 02 , 2017

It’s easy to schedule a court reporter, interpreter, or videographer to appear at your next hearing, trial, or deposition.

Because we take pride in a simple, no-nonsense process to get you the professionals you need, we’re constantly streamlining our technology.  For your convenience, here are the ways you can schedule with us: Read More