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Healthy Snacks on the Go
April 15 , 2019

We understand that the life of a legal professional is rewarding yet very busy, and so it can be tricky to ensure you’re making healthy eating choices.

Planning ahead is key. As they say, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” To help you stay on track, we have compiled a list of six healthy grab-and-go snacks for legal professionals. Read More

Security of Your Information
April 01 , 2019

When working with any company, you want to have certainty that your information is always secure and not accessible to the wrong hands. Security is made a priority by using industry-leading security software for the many aspects of information protection. Read More

Diversity in the Depo Services Industry
March 15 , 2019

One aspect of the deposition services and legal industry that is becoming more and more of interest is a commitment to diversity. Why? Aside from the obvious fact that it’s only fair, it shows a concern for our fellows and an interest in improving conditions in our environment. Companies and teams benefit from the talents and varying perspectives of a range of backgrounds and experience. Read More

Local Everywhere
February 28 , 2019

Finding reliable deposition services when you are traveling away from a home town location can be a challenge, but now there is an excellent solution. Wherever you travel nationwide, Atkinson-Baker is ready and able to supply the friendly and skillful reporting services you need, for all locations. Read More

Essentials of Personal Injury Video Depositions
December 19 , 2018

By Sean M. Cleary

A deposition forms an integral part of the pre-trial discovery process of a personal injury lawsuit. It is nothing but a sort of an interview during which the plaintiff will be asked questions regarding his/her personal injury claim by the defense counsel. This allows both the parties to investigate and gain more information and evidence to assess their case and plan a strategy for the trial. Most commonly, depositions are held at the lawyer’s office or at a court reporter’s office. The person being deposed (deponent) gives a testimony under oath in the presence of a court reporter so that it is recorded. Depositions are critical and decide the outcome of litigation and sometimes complex cases do not get settled until the experts provide their deposition testimony. Read More